Takedown Arrows- All Aluminum Insert



2-piece takedown arrows, All-Aluminum inserts

Exclusive to Slingbow Industries, 2-piece carbon-fiber takedown arrows, collapsed length approximately 17″, extended length, 31″ (shaft length). Snap together for shooting. Pull apart for storage. 1-piece all-aluminum insert for added strength and straightness.

Takedown arrows will never be as sturdy and straight as uncut arrows, but these are the best on the market. We strongly recommend limiting draw weight to 50#. All carbon-fiber arrow shafts have a risk of shattering and can be very dangerous to the user. Proper eye, arm and hand protection are required.

These arrows are after-market modifications of a variety of brands. All manufacturers warranties are void.  We use whichever brand is of good quality and reasonable price to keep the costs down. The brand you receive may be different than those pictured. With each order, you will receive 3 arrows of the same brand, style and spine, but if you order multiple sets, it is possible that the brand of arrows will differ between sets.

We are willing to do custom lengths on request. There will be a $5 charge per set for custom lengths. Please call to make arrangements.

Takedown arrows in collapsed and extended positions.