Ranger Fishing Package


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One of our larger packages, the Slingbow Fishing Package includes:
The Highlander X slingshot
The Ranger arrow rest
The Shakespeare TI-20 Bowfishing reel with 200# Monkeywire
The reel seat, reel seat adapter and Power Rod extension
The 45-degree offset 1″ ring Picatinny Rail Mount
One (1) Fishing arrow point
The fishing package does not include:
fishing arrows, these can be ordered separately.

The Fishing Package can be converted back to a slingshot or slingbow without tools. The draw weight is approximately 29# and is good for many species of fish. Some people will find that larger carp can not reliably be taken with a 29# draw weight. The bands can be changed to 35# or 40# bands in less than an minute by the user, or we are happy to customize for you at very minimal cost.

Additional information

Weight 60 oz
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 6 in