Plumbata Starter Package




The Slingbow Industries Plumbata Starter Package

Comes with plumbata shooter, extended wrist stabilizer, 30# plumbata arrow bands, and a set of 3 plumbata arrows.

Exclusive to Slingbow Industries, this product was years in the making. Based on an ancient Roman design, plumbata arrows were intended to be thrown by hand at groups of opposing soldiers in response to ranged attacks. Because they could be thrown at a high or low arc, when thrown by groups, they are extremely difficult to shield against.

We made a small but significant design change, thus our plumbata can be shot from a slingshot that is properly rigged. They can also be thrown with an atlatl. Plumbata cannot be shot from traditional bows or crossbows.

Shooting plumbata arrows take a lot of practice, and can be dangerous for anyone that is not well-experienced with slingbows. Protective equipment is absolutely necessary for the forearm and hand of the bracing arm. If you have not shot slingbows before, we do not recommend this product for you.

These plumbata arrows come with a heavy fishing point and would be effective against most species of fish up to 30 lbs. as well as small to medium-sized game at short distances. You will need to check your local laws as to the legality of such an item.

The bands for the plumbata shooter are rigged for arrows only and cannot be used for regular, round shot.

The colors of the bands and arrows are based on availability. We are unable to take requests.

Slingbow Industries plumbata arrows and the plumbata launcher are made in the USA.

Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 7 in