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  1. Wilson,
    We have shipped just about everywhere at this point. After you place your order, I take it to 3 places to get the best price. I send you an invoice for the shipping (accounting for the amount you paid with the initial order). If you are happy with the amount, you pay the invoice and I ship. If it is too much, you can amend your order or cancel it entirely. Let me know if I can be of further assistance. I will warn you, the fishing reel is the heaviest part. If you can get an equivalent reel locally, you may wish to do so and I will help you put any package together without the reel. Our reel is a Shakespeare TI-20.

    Also, depending on your local laws, let me know if you want the slingshot to come fully assembled or disassembled.


  2. We’re relatively new to all of this. Is there any such thing as a Nuclear Powered
    sling shot?

  3. Frederick, Not that I am aware of, but there should be. I have been thinking about a fully-automatic slingshot, but we’re based in NJ so it would probably be illegal. M

  4. I am looking at possibly purchassing the reel seat and power rod extension, how does that attatch to the sling bow, I have a picitinny rail on the bottom of mine.

  5. John,
    Just wanted to check in and make sure you got everything you needed. If there is anything else, give me a call or send pics and we’ll get you sorted out.
    Regards, Matt

  6. Hi Gentlemen,
    I just discovered sling bows, and the concept sounds great. I’ve been looking at a few sites, and others seem to advocate a D ring on the pouch rather than pinching the arrow. Do you think this enhances accuracy, and is it something you offer on your products?

  7. Michael, We use a D-loop on our 40# bands. On 30 and 35# bands we don’t. Instead of pinching the pouch side-by-side like you would a slingshot, we reach inside the pouch and pinch the arrow itself. If you do this with the thumb and index finger on each side of the pouch, it is a very strong hold and makes a trigger release unnecessary. I am not aware of anyone else who uses this technique, but we find it to be better than all others. I’ll send you a photo that demonstrates the pinch. We can make the 30 and 35# bands with a d-loop for trigger releases as well for people who prefer that.
    Regards, Matt

  8. I was wondering if you got the bowfishing package will they be able to use the regular fiberglass arrows and how much would it cost to add the 40# band

  9. Hi guys,

    I’m very interested in the very best, most complete and versatile setup you have.

    Also, I live in New Zealand. Can you please tell me how much the package would cost and roughly what shipping would cos?


    Kind regards,


  10. Kreig,
    Sorry for the slow reply. Your post and several others did not show up on our end for awhile. Nevertheless, we ship many packages to NZ, the larger packages tend to run around US $65. If you wish to make an order, the site will charge you for US domestic shipping. We take your package to several shipping agents to get the best price. We send you a Paypal invoice for the difference. We don’t profit from international shipping, you simply pay the lowest price we can get. We pay the Paypal fees. If the shipping cost is more than you feel is appropriate, just tell us to cancel your order. It all goes back through Paypal at no cost to you.
    Please contact us if we can assist you further.
    My direct e-mail is

  11. Phillip, Sorry for the slow reply. A bunch of comments just popped through that we hadn’t seen a couple days ago. Lost in the cloud?
    Anyhow, you can shoot the fiberglass fishing arrows with this. You would be wise to move up to the 35 or 40# bands. The bands cost 19.99 or 24.99 respectively. The units come with 30# bands but if you put your order in and order the 40# bands, call us directly 201-290-0974, ask for Matt and tell me you want the bands switched before shipping. Be aware, a 40# band on a Slingbow feels like a 65# pull on a compound bow because there is no let-off. We are happy to customize for people so you can tell us what you like or don’t like and we can help you make the adjustments. Some people find that the fiberglass arrows are ‘falling through’ the brushes on their Slingbow. This can be fixed by applying a very small drop of super glue to the base of the brushes. The glue will be adsorbed by the nylon brushes and stiffen them up. If you attempt to do this and it goes horribly wrong, just send the brush ring and the attachment arm that the brush ring is glued in to and we will replace it for you. If you let us know you are specifically using it for bowfishing with fiberglass arrows, we will do the gluing for you. We recommend Cajun Bowfishing Lil’ Piranha fiberglass arrows as they are the lightest of the fiberglass arrows and the Slingbow can handle them the best. Even easier, our Cobra points at 3 for 19.99 is a great value and turns any old arrow into a fishing arrow. Thanks for your interest and please contact us if we can assist you further.

  12. I just came home to find the Ranger Hunting Package on my front porch. This is awesome. I tried a few shots with some kiddie target arrows and sailed them right through the backboard and ivy. Did I mention how awesome this was? Matt hooked me up. Light, bands. My aim isn’t great but I’m going to enjoy practicing. Thank you!

  13. Jill, Have fun. I think it takes a little time to get comfortable, but once you get the hang of it, aiming becomes as natural as pointing. Please let us know if we can help out at all. Send pics when you get a chance. That goes for all you Slingbowers out there. There’s certainly enough of you; we want to see what you’ve been up to. M

  14. I was wondering I have a sling shot that I purchased awhile back I was wondering what size band I needed to hunt big game and if you carried them

  15. Thanks for the inquiry. Hunting big game with a slingshot is no easy task. Band weight and shot weight are going to figure heavily into the equation. We sell 30, 35 and 40# draw weight bands. 35# draw weight bands with 1/2-inch steel shot can deliver kinetic energy equivalent to a 9mm pistol. Beyond that, it’s all about shot placement and the size of the quarry.
    This is not the question you asked, but be aware that there are many laws in regards to big game and how they are taken. I’m no lawyer and have no desire to try to give advice in that regard.

  16. such that I would like to order a shoot arrows and order a bunch of arrows and the cost of shipping to mexico cardenas tabasco 86500cp.

  17. Luis,
    You can order on the website. If the shipping cost seems high, we can check the rates and refund the difference back to you. We can sell you the arrows, but the shipping is expensive. It may be more cost effective for you to purchase the slingbows from us and purchase arrows locally.
    Please let us know if the website does not take your order. We can help you process it.
    You can also email to

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  19. Does the arrow rest on the Slingbow Weasel fold down or is it stationary? What arrow lengths do you recommend?

  20. Denis, Don’t know why this comment got lost in the list. My apologies. We recommend the Ranger Fishing Package, just because it has fewer moving parts and is built more in a straight line which is nice for fishing. Some of our customers will yell at me for saying this because we have several Weasel fans that say they like that model better, but that’s my opinion. Please call if we can be if any assistance.

  21. Can do. You can order through the website. Don’t order slingshots though, sometimes customs will block those shipments. Shipping is expensive, but we will try to set you up with a free low-weight item to compensate for the high shipping cost.

  22. Are you guys traveling for shows? Anything planned for South Jersey coming up? Expos? Conventions? Demo Day @ Cabela’s in Christiana Mall/Delaware? (?) thank you!

  23. Hi,
    I’m very interested in your Ranger hunting package. I intend to hunt small wild boar about the size of your Javelinas. I live in Sri Lanka. Do you think the Ranger is sufficient or should I also get the heavier 40# bands?

  24. Errol,
    Thanks for the inquiry.
    Boars are tough. We generally recommend compound bows for that. Nevertheless, some folks have taken smaller boars at reasonable ranges (15 meters). If you want to try our slingbows, order one of our stock slingbows, Ranger or Weasel. It will come with 30# bands. Also order a set of 35# bands. The site will charge you $19.99 for those. I will send you a set of 40# bands, complimentary/no charge (normally $24.99). This way you can try out all the different draw weights but don’t have to pay too much. The 40# bands actually max out closer to 45#, and that should be enough. The 40# bands come with a d-loop, so you will want to use a trigger release.

  25. Guys what arrows are you shooting out of your sling bow l. I just got mine as a Chris gift and have started looking into arrows. I’m thinking a carbon but what grain weight for a 35 pound pull ?

  26. Christopher,
    I need to apologize to you. We try to keep an eye on the comments, but we got blasted with spam and only found this after going through many pages of garbage. I am sorry for the very long delay in response.
    Carbon arrows with 100 gr points is what we recommend.
    If you ever have any questions that we can assist you with, I invite you to email at

  27. will the AMS reels fit the slings?
    will the sling shoot the fiberglass arrows?
    Do you have a guide program?
    how does your sling hold up in salt water environments?
    Please let me know asap Daniel

  28. Daniel,
    Sorry for the slow reply. Sifting through spam unfortunately before we found your comment.
    We are not set up for the AMS reel. We use Shakespeare and Zebco reels.
    Our slingbows will shoot fiberglass arrows very well.
    No guide program. We are based out of NJ. It is legal for us to sell to other states but bowfishing with elastic bands is prohibited here, even for invasive species like carp.
    Our gear is intended for salt water usage and does well. The components should be rinsed and dried after use in salt water but otherwise performs well.
    Please let us know if you have any other questions. Please email us at for immediate reply.

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  30. Hi I was just wondering if I need a license to purchase a slingbow and do you ship to Canada??? Thankyou and I love the look of your product

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