Welcome to Slingbow

Here at Slingbow Industries, we have been working (a little) and playing (a lot) for over six years to expand the horizons of slingshot hunting and slingbow hunting and fishing. We have developed several new products, and have also put older products together in truly novel ways.

Come explore our options for slingbows and slingshots that are great for:

Small-game Hunting
The Zombie Apocalypse

Enjoy browsing our 4 pages of products offered at exceptionally low prices. Please contact us any time if you have questions or ideas.








132 thoughts on “Welcome to Slingbow

  1. Michael,
    Sorry to take so long to get back to you; I just dug through a pile of 11,000 spam messages (if you want a good deal on knock-off purses, I know where to get some, just go to my spam folder). Nevertheless, if I can be of any assistance, drop me a ling at slingbows@outlook.com The website is doing fine and happily taking orders. Order up anything you like, we’re fully stocked. You don’t need a Paypal account to order, but Paypal will process your order. Call me if you run into any difficulty. my cell: 201-290-0974.

  2. Hi,

    I’ve never done a review before and never really planed to do one, but I was so impressed with Slingbow Industries I felt it would be wrong not to give them props.

    Basically I’ve had my eye on this website since the product concept stage…just waiting to see what they would come up with…sometime passed and products were finally added. I initially had my concerns about product quality and I was going to go for just the attachments and affix them to a well known branded slingshot…but when purchase time came I got lazy and was worried about the fit incase I screwed up and purchased the wrong type of slingshot or something, so I took a chance and got the Slingbow Weasel.

    I contacted the Matt from slingbow regarding costs and legalities of shipping to Hong Kong (the site currently charges a flat $8 which is clearly just domestic shipping), he advised that shipping would be around about $25 and that shipping to HK would not be a problem legally…happy days! I placed my order. Paid the difference between $8 domestic shipping and $25 shipping to HK via a separate paypal invoice…too easy. BTW given the size, weight and delivery speed I think this is a very reasonable shipping fee, way better than friggin Amazon where shipping to Hong Kong typically costs me between 50%-75% of the product purchase price. Placed the order on Dec 2nd shipped next day and arrived in HK Dec 9th…again way better than Amazon (ok, ok I have some unresolved issues with amazon).

    Anyway on opening the package all concerns regarding product quality were alleviated, this thing is built tough! Very solid construction if you run out of arrows just club your prey to death (not sure how but where theres a will theres a way)! The Weasel comes with a builtin 7/64 hex key on the handle so you can pretty much disassemble as required, the key has a nice tight fit so it wont come loose easily during your adventures through the bush. The wisper biscut well built and attached aligning nicely with the band when you draw. The grip is textured and the padding on the wrist brace is nice and thick so its comfortable when you draw.

    Conclusion awesome product can’t fault it.

    5/5 Stars.


  3. Vlad, good to hear back from you, and thanks for the kind remarks. We have been really trying to work with everyone on the international shipping issue. It takes a little bit of patience but so far has been a success. We try to eat a small bit of the expense as well so that the prices are reasonable. I think we’ve shipped to something like 35 countries now. All the best in the new year, Vlad. Thanks for the feedback, it helps us to make things better.

  4. Dear Matt,

    Thank you so much for Introducing me and my dad to Sling Bow. I am now interested in Bow Fishing. We as a family like to fish at least every year. But last year we didn’t get the chance to. I hopefully can get this for my Dad for his birthday. I could also use it for Archery Practice.

  5. I have made several small orders recently and not only was the order super fast and accurate but they always sent me extra goodies, Thanks Guys Yall are AWESOME !!!!!!!

  6. Jami,
    How sad, I missed your comment, somehow it was hidden under another one. If I can assist you in putting something together for you dad, don’t hesitate to let me know.

  7. I just bought a Slingbow with the fishing package, here are some of my questions and issues.

    How do you properly place the reel? Should it be face down underneath or slanted to the side? Doesn’t seem like it would work properly with the reel facing upwards like they are on my bowfishing bows

    Also, using the regular bowfishing arrows, muzzy’s in this particular instance I notice that when I put it into the whisker biscuit that is included that it falls down into the brushs. Wouldn’t be safe to shoot that way I wouldn’t think

    And is there a proper way to place the arrow while holding it? it feels very strange trying to pull an arrow back like it is.

  8. Murdock,
    Had you gotten through to anyone? If not, I want to apologize for not answering sooner. Your questions are relevant. and there are some easy answers. Firstly, regarding use of regular bowfishing arrows. They are significantly heavier and will fall through the brushes as you mentioned. The fix is easy. You can either switch to regular arrows; we have some great fishing points for that, or you can modify the brushes for the heavier fiberglass arrows. Just put a drop of superglue at the base of each brush. The glue will run into the brushes and stiffen them up. Test them out when they have had time to dry. Add a second drop of glue if necessary. They should easily support the weight of the fiberglass arrows.

    Drawing back with the Slingbow is different than a bow. Nock the arrow to the cordage in the pouch. Reach inside the pouch, thumb on one side, first knuckle of your pointer finger on the other and grab the arrow shaft itself, pinching it between the thumb and the knuckle. As you draw back, your fingers will naturally slide back a bit and get hooked inside the pouch. You are then drawing the arrow and the pouch back as one unit. This will give a clean release. If this doesn’t make sense, email me at slingbows@outlook.com and I’ll send some pictures that might make it more obvious. This isn’t like anything else, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes really intuitive.

    The reel should be mounted sideways with the handle facing down. This avoids tangling of the line in the handle. I’ll send some pictures to the address you listed. Please call me if I can assist you further.

  9. This is a very cool product. It’s well made and easy to operate. Matt’s customer service was exceptional. The Slingbow is a blast to shoot targets. I can’t wait until I get accurate enough to hunt with it.

  10. Hi. My interest in this device is to secure a wire radio antenna in a tree about 50 to 75 feet. I supose it will do the job. will a tethered line attached oto the arrow severely hinder the accuracy of aimed arrow? Thanks for your response. VE2DNN

  11. I used to own a COMBOW ,it was awesome ,but this looks even more so ,I would love to know more

  12. Hey, I’m interested in theses and was wondering if shipping to the uk is possible?

  13. Jamie,
    Thanks for your interest. Shipping to the UK is very easy. Make your order on the site. It will charge you for domestic US shipping. We will package your order and take to several shipping agents. We then send a Paypal invoice for the difference. If you are ok with the cost, just pay the invoice and we ship your already-packaged order. If the costs are too much, just let us know and we can cancel your order. We have no desire to profit from international shipping so we give the lowest rate possible. Thanks for your interest and please contact us if we can answer any questions you have. Sorry for the slow response, your comment didn’t forward to my personal e-mail immediately.
    Regards, Matt
    You can also contact me at: Slingbows@outlook.com

  14. Andrew,
    Sorry for the very delayed response. We just got a slug of comments, some, like yours are several weeks old. Thanks for your question and there is a very good answer.
    You can use it to shoot arrows with fishing line attached. Our fishing package is perfect for this. It has 200# test line. Aim high.
    You can also use it as a slingshot and tie the line off to a 3/8″ steel nut. Even longer range and very accurate.
    Then just tie the fishing lie off to your antenna and reel in.
    Thanks for your inquiry, Andrew.

  15. Hola mi intención seria de comprarle su producto, mi consulta es si lo pueden enviar a Argentina y cual seria el costo de envió, mi interés esta puesto sobre el slingbow tanto para caza y pesca, si me pueden orientar se los agradecería, desde ya saludos.

  16. Hola Patricio,
    Le propongo que ordene el producto que desee por internet. Ahi apareceran los costos del envio. Si el costo es muy alto, cancele la orden y vuelva a contactarme con eso nosotros confirmamos el costo del envio con la agencia encargada. Tenga en cuenta que USPS no provee un numero de seguimiento. Si usted prefiere tener un numero para hacer seguimiento y tener seguridad de donde esta su producto tendria que pedirlo usando DHL. El problema es que con esta agencia el costo es mayor.

    Yo no hablo espanol pero una amiga me esta ayudando con la traduccion. Puede responderme en espanol sin ningun problema.



  17. Jamie, I thought we had written back to you previously, but just in case we missed you…Thanks for writing, we do ship to the UK frequently. We are in the process of getting several importers there, so in the future we will probably refer you to them so that you will get the best price possible. We have shipped to more than 35 counties and we recently uploaded an international shipping plug in to try to streamline the process. Put any order in you like and see how it come out on the shipping cost. If the price seems go, just go ahead and complete the order. If the price seems unreasonably high, please contact us and we would be happy to recheck your order with our shipping agent. Thanks for you interest and plesae let us know if we can assist you further. If you need a quick response, please feel free to write to us at Slingbows@outlook.com That e-mail account is checked several times per day.
    Regards, Matt

  18. can i get more information on these please? With price list and how to get again,than you please send to ronald.jenkins. p.o. box # 1. Corretionville,iowa 51016

  19. Ronald,
    We’ll drop a price list in the mail for you. The website is the easiest way to order. It uses paypal, but you don’t need a paypal account; just a credit or debit card. We’ll also take checks and even better…US silver eagles.
    Call anytime if we can help you out at all.

  20. I bought a sling shot bb52 awhile back I wanting to get more power out of it I am customizing it wondering if be able to use cams like a crossbow to get more power out of each shot

  21. Joshua,
    Theoretically, yes, you could use cams. I don’t know anyone who has devised a good cam system yet. It is easy to imagine, but difficult to engineer, especially with flexible bands. What are the draw weights on the bands you are using? Are they flat or tubular? We use a theraband silver tubular band to achieve draw weights above 40#. Instead of cams, we have a few prototypes with flexible risers that give a few more fps, but nothing that is likely to go to production anytime soon.
    Let me know if there is anything we can customize for you (we charge for materials and shipping only on custom stuff, no charge for time), that’s the fun part.

  22. My number is 9319828158 and I was wondering if you could contact me bye that number I am trying to buy one of your sling bows would be and how I could get my hands on one

  23. I’ll give you a ring tomorrow. If you don’t hear from me for whatever reason, don’t hesistate to give a call at 201-290-0974. We’ll set you up. – Matt

  24. Paul, thanks for the inquiry. Apologies for the slow response. Full-sized arrows, even better to cut them long. I use 31-inch arrows for the Slingbow while on my compound bow I’m at 28-inches. The longer draw allows you to get more power out of the bands and also makes your shooting more consistent. Give me a shout if we can assist you in any way. – Matt

  25. Normal-sized arrows. Longer is better. I use 31-inch arrows on the Slingbow, while my compound bow is set for 28-inch arrows. The longer draw lets you get more power out of the bands which translates to a few more feet-per-second in speed. Also, the longer draw improves aim because it separates your hands further and make better use of your innate proprioception. Think of aiming with a pistol vs aiming with a rifle. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Sorry for the slow response by the way, WordPress is generally very good, but sometimes these comments get buried in the traffic. If you have any other questions, you are welcome to e-mail me at slingbows@outlook.com and I should see them right away. – Matt

  26. i’m subscribing for the first time, and i’m very much impressed with PVC slingbow. can it be used as a self defence weapon


  27. As a self-defense weapon I would use it primarily as a slingshot, but either way it has the same effective range as a handgun. Obviously it is user-dependent.

  28. Ok guys. I have 2 17yr old boys and a 9 yr old boy. Looking at 3 bow fishing outfits. Is there a discount on multiple orders? What about the warranty? Are they user friendly enough for a 9 yr old? Can you guys call me to talk about these products? 6156910547
    Thank you!!

  29. Hello Matt, my name is Walter, I’m from Argentina. You have developed very nice toys, congrats! I’ll be contacting you through your email. Regards!

  30. Got my slingbow ranger in on Wednesday and been having a blast with it. Real easy to pick up on the aiming even my three daughters are having fun with it. Great customer service Matt really took care of me and quick turn around ordered it last Friday and got it Wednesday. Will definitely be back to order a couple more . Thanks Matt

  31. Update on the last comment… Four days of practicing for bout thirty minutes and the whisker biscuit came apart

  32. Your probably already in the process of making one, but you should make a FAQ or and info page, maybe both. Then people can look there and you can answer the more specific questions. That would clear your plate a bit and make it a little easier for customers to find out what they need. Include things like best arrow length, preferred sling strength, and different common questions. Hope I didnt recommend something that you already are doing. Have a good day.

  33. I had a crow problem, thos nasty birdst had been invading my back yard, yelling like crazy in the morning pooping, all over the place …NOT UNTIL I GOT SLINGSHOT BOW I killed 7 of those sokers !! now they don’t dear to show up thank you for such a wonderful product you helped me to win this war ..WHEN crows are finally gone, I can enjoy peace and quiet, buy this product u want feel sorry I target practice every day and I got pretty good at it and u can too it’s very easy Thank u very much!!

  34. Just got my slingbow right before the hurricane but from what time I’ve had to shoot it I love it! Well made, just wish the whisker biscuit was a little more stout to hold the fishing arrow, but a dad of super glue did the trick. Will be ordering from yall again

  35. My husband has a very old Sling Bow slingshot that needs some repair. It has no product number and stamped on it is “patent pending’. Is it possible you have
    something that could help him with this?

  36. Ila,
    Sorry for the slow reply. We would be happy to look at it. Pictures would help, we can see what’s wrong and if we can fix, and if there is any cost to fix or, possibly, if we can fix for free. If it’s one of ours, we can definitely repair. If it’s not, we can probably still get it in working order. You can e-mail me directly at slingbows@outlook.com
    If I don’t reply within 48 hours, it means I didn’t get your e-mail (sometimes things get lost in spam file). You can also call 201-290-0974.
    Regards, Matt

  37. Justin,
    I found your comment. Wish I had seen it sooner. Did you ever contact us for a replacement? We would gladly repair.

  38. Where are you located and if I order, will i be able to get this “ranger package” by christmas??

  39. Plz answer the 12/27 question of which does so and arrows I need to order this bay present to arrive before 2/9

  40. Jolene,
    I am writing a very delayed response and with sincere apologies. This blog got clobbered with a massive amount of spam and it took us forever to undo it all. Our slingbows were designed to work with any arrow. Our only recommendation is that they be left full length, either 31 or 32 inches. Carbon fiber or aluminum are good. Please accept my apology. If we can ever assist you again in the future, I invite you to contact us at slingbows@outlook.com or call the number listed on the website.
    Warm regards,

  41. Robert,
    I am writing to you with a belated apology. This website was clobbered in a spam attack and it took forever to unwind it all. If we can ever assist you in the future, I would invite you to contact us at slingbows@outlook.com or call the number on the website.

    To answer your question, the Ranger Starter Package at $74.95 is the cheapest that does both. It does not come with arrows, but will shoot any brand of arrow on the market.

    Please email or call if we can possibly assist you further. Please accept my sincere apology for the delayed response.


  42. Just trying to figure out how to track my order. I have an order number but I don’t see anything to reference it to.

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  47. We recieved our product today and it was in great condition matt was very helpful and kind, and he even threw in a free replacement band for the slingbow and some shot. My son already took it out and is enjoying target practice with it. Definitely will have to buy him a fishing sling eventually

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