The Slingbow Ranger with Tactical Flashlight attachment.

At Slingbow Industries, we have been working (playing) for more than 5 years with the purpose of developing a compact, powerful, accurate and inexpensive archery system that opens up new frontiers for the sports of archery, bowfishing and small game hunting.  We have succeeded in producing a conversion kit, the Slingbow Ranger, that allows you to convert your standard slingshot to a bowfishing platform and slingbow for small game hunting that does not physically alter the slingshot. The power of a longbow that fits in the bottom of a backpack. All of this without requiring tools in the field.  We offer this for minimal cost and with excellent customer service. Although easy to use, the Slingbow system is so novel to most hunters and fishermen, we will be happy to work with you to achieve all of the benefits of this new approach to outdoor hunting sports.

The Slingbow Ranger system is perfect for:

  •      Fishing 
  •      Small game hunting 
  •      Defense 
  •      Hikers 
  •      Preppers
  •      Survivalists
  •      The zombie apocalypse (AKA, everything else you didn’t plan for)

The Slingbow Industries Support Team