Welcome to Slingbow

Here at Slingbow Industries, we have been working (a little) and playing (a lot) for over six years to expand the horizons of slingshot hunting and slingbow hunting and fishing. We have developed several new products, and have also put older products together in truly novel ways.

Come explore our options for slingbows and slingshots that are great for:

Small-game Hunting
The Zombie Apocalypse

Enjoy browsing ourĀ 4 pages of products offered at exceptionally low prices. Please contact us any time if you have questions or ideas.








10 thoughts on “Welcome to Slingbow

  1. Michael,
    Sorry to take so long to get back to you; I just dug through a pile of 11,000 spam messages (if you want a good deal on knock-off purses, I know where to get some, just go to my spam folder). Nevertheless, if I can be of any assistance, drop me a ling at slingbows@outlook.com The website is doing fine and happily taking orders. Order up anything you like, we’re fully stocked. You don’t need a Paypal account to order, but Paypal will process your order. Call me if you run into any difficulty. my cell: 201-290-0974.

  2. Hi,

    I’ve never done a review before and never really planed to do one, but I was so impressed with Slingbow Industries I felt it would be wrong not to give them props.

    Basically I’ve had my eye on this website since the product concept stage…just waiting to see what they would come up with…sometime passed and products were finally added. I initially had my concerns about product quality and I was going to go for just the attachments and affix them to a well known branded slingshot…but when purchase time came I got lazy and was worried about the fit incase I screwed up and purchased the wrong type of slingshot or something, so I took a chance and got the Slingbow Weasel.

    I contacted the Matt from slingbow regarding costs and legalities of shipping to Hong Kong (the site currently charges a flat $8 which is clearly just domestic shipping), he advised that shipping would be around about $25 and that shipping to HK would not be a problem legally…happy days! I placed my order. Paid the difference between $8 domestic shipping and $25 shipping to HK via a separate paypal invoice…too easy. BTW given the size, weight and delivery speed I think this is a very reasonable shipping fee, way better than friggin Amazon where shipping to Hong Kong typically costs me between 50%-75% of the product purchase price. Placed the order on Dec 2nd shipped next day and arrived in HK Dec 9th…again way better than Amazon (ok, ok I have some unresolved issues with amazon).

    Anyway on opening the package all concerns regarding product quality were alleviated, this thing is built tough! Very solid construction if you run out of arrows just club your prey to death (not sure how but where theres a will theres a way)! The Weasel comes with a builtin 7/64 hex key on the handle so you can pretty much disassemble as required, the key has a nice tight fit so it wont come loose easily during your adventures through the bush. The wisper biscut well built and attached aligning nicely with the band when you draw. The grip is textured and the padding on the wrist brace is nice and thick so its comfortable when you draw.

    Conclusion awesome product can’t fault it.

    5/5 Stars.


  3. Vlad, good to hear back from you, and thanks for the kind remarks. We have been really trying to work with everyone on the international shipping issue. It takes a little bit of patience but so far has been a success. We try to eat a small bit of the expense as well so that the prices are reasonable. I think we’ve shipped to something like 35 countries now. All the best in the new year, Vlad. Thanks for the feedback, it helps us to make things better.

  4. Dear Matt,

    Thank you so much for Introducing me and my dad to Sling Bow. I am now interested in Bow Fishing. We as a family like to fish at least every year. But last year we didn’t get the chance to. I hopefully can get this for my Dad for his birthday. I could also use it for Archery Practice.

  5. I have made several small orders recently and not only was the order super fast and accurate but they always sent me extra goodies, Thanks Guys Yall are AWESOME !!!!!!!

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